The name KANTAA is from a finnish verb and means: to carry in a way you use a trolly to carry your luggage.
The name is pointing out what the office can do for you: helping you forward.
The office KANTAA is structured in a way that there will be no queue. You are welcome within 24 hours!

KANTAA can help you to carry your mental luggage, such as:

By giving advice and mental support.

Highlights of this method:

KANTAA also offers a

Therapy week

A therapy week with me in the town and region of Åmål is a combination of holiday and therapy. This construction is made, especially for you who have no time or necessary for a long therapy but who would like to have a good talk with a therapist, in order to clear his/her mind.

This therapy week will help you to visualize all these worries and questions, in a way that you can cope with them.

The construction of the week is simply. You choose a place to stay, fitting both you and your budget. We will have a talk, every day. There is the possibility to have both individual visits and as a pair.
I give you a daily task, which we will discuss the next day.


KANTAA is using a method, which demands an active attitude of the client. This method is simple, effective and long-lasting.
Prof. dr. A. Lange developed and published this method in his book "Gedragsverandering in gezinnen" (changes in behaviour in families). Conny Groot was trained in this method, both in theory and practice, in Amsterdam.

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